You can easily connect your Google Ads account with Bookwize in order to track your Advertising ROI.

To do so, visit Settings > Booking Engine and choose the "Analytics" tab.

In Google Section, you can add your AdWords Conversion Id, AdWords Remarketing Label, AdWords Conversion Label for Confirmed Reservations as well as AdWords Conversion Label for Requests. In order to use the specific IDs and Labels you will need to create them first in your Google Ads account.

Please note that in the AdWords Conversion Id field you must use only the numeric infomation (not AW- prefix). 

Note: the IDs and Labels shown are examples; they must be replaced by your data

The Google Hotel Ads connectivity is provided for extra cost according to the Bookwize Subscription Package that you have chosen. For further information please contact Bookwize Support team.

As soon as you have entered the information mentioned above you will be able to track your Google Ads Spend ROI on Dashboard > Ad Spending, while you will be able to proceed to further tracking and analysis through your Google Ads account.

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