Using Bookwize you can easily integrate the whole booking procedure into your website. That means that when your website's visitors click on your Book Now button, they will not be transferred to an external url, but will remain in your website and will be able to complete the reservation in your hotel's website.

Bookwize WordPress Plugins

Bookwize has developed two integration plugins in order to add your booking engine in your WordPress website. Depending on the Bookwize flavour that you have chosen you will need to choose either Vanilla or Cinnamon.

Bookwize Integrated Vanilla Plugin

Use Bookwize Integrated Vanilla plugin for WordPress in order to integrate your Vanilla themed Booking Engine into your website.

Visit in order to get the free plugin for your hotel's website and find out more information about the installation procedure.

Bookwize Integrated Cinnamon Plugin

You can use Bookwize Integrated Cinnamon plugin for WordPress so as to add your Cinnamon themed Booking Engine in your hotel's website.

Visit to retrieve the plugin and get detailed instruction regarding its installation.

For both plugins you will need to have the respective credentials from Bookwize team. Contact us to request your Hotel ID, API Key and standalone url.

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